Solo releases

Cover Session One.


This one is on me. Feel free to download it here.

Tracklisting: 1. Prologue – Welcome Back; 2. Suicide Note Part 1 (Pantera Cover); 3. Dunkelheit (Burzum Cover); 4. Christendom (Paradise Lost Cover); 5. Christ Invertion Intermezzo – Welcome Back pt. 2; 6. Mephisto.

Nemanja Maček - Quiet Tracks cover

Quiet Tracks.

ambiental, electronic, industrial.

Featured tracks: John’s Lament (with Jovan Katić on guitar), Burn (The Cure Cover).

Nemanja Maček - Ieškok giliau cover

Ieškok giliau.


Featured tracks: Dig deep, Threshold.

Nemanja Maček - Lament cover


industrial, ambiental, experimental.

Featured tracks: Anticipation, Heroin Relapse (part 1), Autizam (with Aleksandar Ristić on vocals), Awaiting Nothing (obviously), Let the Widow go her Path (with Srđan Salamunović on bass and accordeon).

With Dead City Shadows

Dead City Shadows (self-titled).

performed guitars, synth, piano, bass and programming.

Featured tracks: Decaying in the Fog, Pile Driver Revisited (original, “dirty”, version is on the Lament album), Dissonant Intermezzo, Fading Photo.

With F32

Nemanja Maček, F32 - Somewhat Deranged, Still cover

Somewhat Deranged, Still.

2011 (EP),
performed guitars, synth, piano, bass and programming.

Featured track: Pinch.

Nemanja Maček, F32 - F32 cover

F32 (self-titled).

performed guitars, synth, piano, bass and programming.

Featured tracks: Epiphany, Skin Cuts.

With Nihil

13 Shots from Nowhere.

2009 (compilation of past Nihil releases),
various metal sub-genres (from black metal to industrial-jazz and experimental metal),
performed guitars and synths, occasionally bass, from 2006-2009.

Featured tracks: Abolishing Empathy, Cement, The Golden Rust of October (from 2008’s Canvas of Anamnezis album) Wristslashes II, Death’s Desires (from 2009’s split with Tripnoisis).


  • Cities Slowly Dissolve (Syphil’s Tar Lakes Remix, with F32, 2011); performance: lead guitar, bass, electronica.
  • The Crow and the Ring (with Dead City Shadows, 2020 alternate ending, originally from 2012); performance: lead piano, guitars.
  • No Self Control (Peter Gabriel Cover, with Nephillia, avantgarde, to finish); performance: guitars, synth, bass.
  • Heat Hallucinations (with Fretboard Dyslexia, to redo from scratch); performance: guitars.